i have had a mac mini for around 2-3 months now and i have got my head round the basics, although i am having a bit of problem with the keyboard, because although it is said that we can use our old PC stuff with it some of the keys are swapped and i still dont know where they all are which is causing a few problems when trying to create a document, does this mean that i would have to buy a Apple keyboard or is there another way round it.


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If you like OS X, and plan on keeping your Mac, ultimately, it'll be easier if you just buy an Apple keyboard.

One of the biggest mental shifts I have when I'm forced to use a Windows box is the whole Ctl- key for keyboard actions, as opposed to the Cmd- key on the Mac (which sits in the Windows key on a Windows keyboard).

Yeah thanks for that, i will consider getting a Apple keyboard now.

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