hows your day today??

I'm leaving for a long weekend camping, so, FANTASTIC!!!!

It's almost 3am; it's not been day for along time for me; it's only been the graveyard for these past months.

Seeing as how it just started, fine. Though I have heaps of work to do and approaching deadlines, so I'm anticipating a stressful day of work followed by an equally stressful weekend of work.

Aww, sorry to hear that Narue. Unfortunately, I typically stress out relatively easily when it comes to meeting deadlines, so I sympathize.

I like deadlines. They keep you on edge. You know, like coffee :)

Tell me about it!

I'm having probably my most important meeting in my life since I got involved in development next week Friday for an Application we have been working on for 2 years, and the presentation is only about half way. Typing as we speak, power pointing etc.WHILE I'm trying to glance at the Ryder Cup golf.:sweat:

Don't know about the coffee though, busy with a Heineken.

If the approval is given on Friday, I'm getting sloshed!!!:icon_mrgreen:

I'm having a wonderful time living since I retired from programming a little over 3 years ago. Life is sooo much easier and better. I wake up every day without a care in the world. Even though I still work part time (non programming) I never bring my work home with me or have nightmares about it :) :)

So how's my day? As Tony The Tiger would say "Grrrrrrreat!"

Deadlines do get you focused, however they also have the habit of putting you under pressure when you're close to them. Deadlines have to be a double edged sword; in an abstract way.