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Seeing as how it just started, fine. Though I have heaps of work to do and approaching deadlines, so I'm anticipating a stressful day of work followed by an equally stressful weekend of work.


Aww, sorry to hear that Narue. Unfortunately, I typically stress out relatively easily when it comes to meeting deadlines, so I sympathize.


Tell me about it!

I'm having probably my most important meeting in my life since I got involved in development next week Friday for an Application we have been working on for 2 years, and the presentation is only about half way. Typing as we speak, power pointing etc.WHILE I'm trying to glance at the Ryder Cup golf.:sweat:

Don't know about the coffee though, busy with a Heineken.

If the approval is given on Friday, I'm getting sloshed!!!:icon_mrgreen:


I'm having a wonderful time living since I retired from programming a little over 3 years ago. Life is sooo much easier and better. I wake up every day without a care in the world. Even though I still work part time (non programming) I never bring my work home with me or have nightmares about it :) :)

So how's my day? As Tony The Tiger would say "Grrrrrrreat!"

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Deadlines do get you focused, however they also have the habit of putting you under pressure when you're close to them. Deadlines have to be a double edged sword; in an abstract way.

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