On the tenth october 2010 it is going to be 10 10 10! (42 decimal in binary)

Any predictions of world disasters?? Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, huge sun spots, earth hit by large asteroids, etc.

Well 42 is supposed to be the answer to Life the Universe and Everything.
So maybe there will be total world enlightenment.:D

That is in the calender that some people on the planet have created. There is nothing cosmic about it. But if something does happen, it will happen at 10:00AM (the tenth hour). But is that their time EST, GMT-- I do not know.

I heard someone is selling book telling aliens are coming in 14th october , this year :) .

Funnily enough, my birthday is November 11th, and my Driver's License expires on 11/11/11.

in other words your license expires on 63 day :)