From IDF 2010: Day 1 Keynotes & Announcements


Day 1 of the Intel Developer Forum kicked off with some cool announcements from Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini and EVP/General Manager, David Permutter. First off Otellini went into some numbers, stating that Gartner estimates each day 1 million PCs are shipped. Next he reminded us that Moore's Law still lives strong and that Intel is on the way to a 22nm (nanometer) manufacturing process. He also explained (but not in great detail) that Intel's recent acquisition of McAfee will be integrated with vPro technology to create a truly secure, "trusted" software/hardware relationship. He went on to mention some additional recent acquisitions and explained that Intel will continue to acquire and integrated companies and technologies to achieve its goals to create a completely harmoneous, ubiquitous and secure ecosystem of connected devices that allow users to access their files and work across many platforms. When asked about Intel's plans to acquire more companies, Otellini stated that there aren't any plans on the table at the moment but they would certainly entertain an acquisition if "the right company at the right price" came along. He also said that Intel is not concerned about having spent 50% of its available cash on recent acquisitions and he is confident in Intel's ability to generate plenty more cash. Intel continues to support the MeeGo standard for app development across platforms and pushes Intel's AppUp store for netbook apps. Finally Intel officially introduced the second generation Intel Core processors [code named Sandy Creek]. This new line of 32nm processors brings powerful integrated graphics high-k metal gates, updated vector commands and other "turbo-mode" improvements. They will continue to be sold under the labels Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Xeon and will set the standard for the next generation of desktop and workstation processor platforms. Here are some videos that demostrate the speed and effiency difference between 1st and 2nd generation Intel Core processors. In both cases the gen-2 processors completed the task more than two times faster:

Side by side demo of 2nd Gen Intel Core processor vs. 1st Gen proc converting a photo to HDR[youtube]okIO4JxNtEI[/youtube] Side by side demo of 2nd Gen Intel Core processor vs. 1st Gen proc encoding a hi-def video for iPhone[youtube]oVRDll68ETU[/youtube] What's more they included a slide based on some IDC future-telling to illustrate that the world is headed towards even more massive techiness.

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Very intereting :)

>> and he is confident in Intel's ability to generate plenty more cash.
Who said we are in a recession? Apparently Intel isn't. I hope they are putting all that cash to good work that create new jobs instead of just putting it under their mattress for a rainy day.

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