Hi guyz...

I am newbie to the forum.. I finished my BE degree in Computer science in 2009. i joined a canada based software company and had been working as a developer in J2ee/Flex for on year. Now i am thinking of adding a few adv. to my career. So my friend gave an idea of doing a PART TIME MBA from a REPUTED INSTITUTE.. Will that be of any help ! How can i plan my career. According to me, my rating on interest in tech and managerial domain will be 40:60(tech:management). But due to my family problems i cant do a full time MBA. So what should my next move >? Any suggestions from IT Pros'?

karthikus it depends on what your career goals are. If you love working with technology and programming then you might want to just keep getting good in J2ee and possibly take some project management courses so you can eventually have an entire team of programmers working under you that you. But again it depends on what you want long term. If you want to get into Business Development and maybe even down the road open your own business a MBA program might be good for you.

Well hope this helps a bit?