So, I'm currently working as an IT technician, and have primarily worked in tech-support related jobs for about five years.

I attended one year of college where I studied computer engineering. I know basic computer architecture, electronics, Linux Admin, Windows, etc. I recently obtained my Comptia Network+ (2009) cert.

I am very interested in network engineering. And I was wondering how does one break into the field of telecommunications???

Does one enter as an installer who deals primarily with installing services in customer homes and works their way up?

Or can you enter as an entry-level telecom network tech?

It seems that the major telecom companies either hire basic low-level installers or CCIE network engineers.

Does anyone have experience on the best route to take? The best certs to get? The best technologies to learn?

Thank you!!

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just go interview at the place you want to work. when they say, "we'll get back with you", tell them you're showing up monday with your tools.

then show up monday with your tools. ask someone where the coffee pot is. locate an empty cube and hang up your photos.


You've watched too much Seinfeld, my friend.

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the easiest way into telecoms is to take a job with a callcenter as a telemarketing terrorist (oops, drone, oops, person).
Of course the entire world will hate you, but you will be working in telecoms.

I think Network engineering is one of the best field to choose as, this will definitely help you to get some knowledge that will be helpful as through this you will learn something new.


It is very important for a person who is stepping into Telecommunication industry as it is very vast and have many options to go for.

Like network engineering is of the field that can be chosen by a person and then you can carry your career to more research in this field that will quite beneficial and worth.


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