My friends and I are wanting to start a site. We're not sure want company to go with. We're willing to pay as much money needed; its not an issue. But we want a good company that has excellent support and superb servers that can handle high traffic. We would appreciate it if it was scalable and grow as we grow.

Thankyou very much.

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Where you go for this may depend on how much you expect to have to scale up. If you realistically expect to reach the point where you will need one or more dedicated servers, then you need to find a web host that offers that capability and can provide you appropriate facilities at every stage. Many web hosts (only) offer virtual servers and specific packages. That works fine for me. I use ICDSoft because they provide very responsive support,the reliablity and response time is good and the price is reasonable for what you get (which is more than I really need). There are sites that rate web hosts and they do pretty well in the rankings. Their servers are in high-end data centers so that provides another level of assurance. As mentioned however, if I reached the point where a virtual site was running out of steam, I'd have to use a second or third virtual server (if possible) or move to another web host where I could get my own dedicated server. You get a lot of band width and processing power in a virtual server these days so you'll have to do a lot of processing before it runs out.

One thing to beware of. Some web hosts advertise a lot of "unlimited" features but once you start to do a lot of processing you may find yourself throttled or cut off. You need a reliable web host that delivers what they promise. There is lots of info and evaluations floating around the internet so pin down your criteria and start searching.

We are expecting our site to become really big, probably fast. As we are going to do a lot of marketing and are willing to invest a lot; in any aspect of the site.

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