Well i can see lot of career related questions are posted here So i thought i could contribute something for youth.

with more than 5 years of Experience in above subjects I have decided to take classes.

Location : Mumbai .
Java Basic.
Advance Java.

Time : Sat-Sun (Mor 10-12 Even 6-10)
Fees : Free.

With lot of students querying me over "Why the hell you are giving it for free....?"
Well, i think i should clarify on the point ...
Nothing beats the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge. I think i m at a stage where my jobs pays me well and i should spend some of my time just for knowledge sharing.

I have a dream of opening an Institute where money should not restrict you from learning (Thanks to my Past) .

I m struggling to find a place to accommodate students but somehow i managed to get temporary place at Local cyber cafe which cost me 20 rs/Hr per person .

I m trying my level best to speak with local MLA for getting big place.

I hope i have made my point clear.

P.M me or
mail me(Preferred) @ [removed] for admission.
Currently running SQL batches ...

Saturday batches are almost full request you to opt for sunday.

Wow, a whole 5 years in all of that? Didn't leave a whole lot of time to specialise in anything, did it? You really think you're qualified to train people? Tutor, yeah. Hold classes (judging only from this post, of course), I think not.