I want to roll out some sort of asset management system in place that can tell us what all of our systems are running and how up to dat they are.
I have tried to go with a free solution OCS Inventory but I keep running into issues with consistency on scans and the agents not finding all of the software installed on the computers.

I should also mention that i need to scan and log systems in 90 remote offices that have no vpn capability so the tool has to work over Wan connection without having to punch holes in ever firewall.

I have looked at Kace 1000 but at 25,000 initial cost it is a little to steep for me.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a Inventory / Asset management system with patching capability that works over Wan connection for a decent price.

It might be worth looking at Matrix42's asset management. I've not seen it myself but someone I work with speaks very highly of it...

Thanks, will check it out. One thing I am liking right now and checking out the demo is Desktop Central 7 by ManageEngine, but I do not like their licencing model as it is a annual fee only.

So I think I might settle on Desktop Central 7.
After trying out a few things it seems to be a winner for the price and does everything we need. Anyone here run this software and have any feedback about it.

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