Hi guys, I was requested to makes a 3D house plan, which a user can be able to move about in, using the keyboard or mouse. Like in games. I'm relatively good in Carrara, VB and C++ but I'm new to game programming.

:S I need your help on how to go about this project
Thank you

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For an easy library to get up and running, check out Ogre3D for graphics.

If you're looking to do even less work, you can check out Torque & Unity, as they're fully featured game engines, so you can just add your geometry (walls, floors, ceilings, etc..) and build and run.

Thank you for your advice, is there any game engine you would suggest for a newbie like me?

It all depends on how much work you want to do and/or how much time you want to spend learning something else.

If you want something up and running super quick, I think Unity would be your best bet, but Torque can still get the job done. Unity has a full on 3D editor which will allow you to build your house layout in the editor, and compile that as your application, then just walk through it. I haven't used it much, but I believe that's how it could work for a simple application like you have.

Ogre3D is purely graphics (and comes with OIS, which is used for input), which will work, but you'll need to build your house layout in another application (such as Blender or Milkshape) and load it into your application. You can find plugins for popular 3D applications which will allow you to export your objects directly to the .mesh format, which is what's used in Ogre.

As far as what you're looking to do, I think Unity or Torque would honestly be your best bet to get something up and running super quick. Check them both out & decide what you like best.

Hope that helps.

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From your points I'd definitly go for Unity. But can I import 3D object made by another software (say 3D max, blender etc) to it?

If a game isn't your goal, but just an interactive 3D model of a house, there are several software programs that do this for you so you can arrange furniture, plan for extensions, etc. Just do a search at download.cnet.com for 3D floor plan or 3D home design, and you'll get lots of hits.

If you want something more engaging with little to no programming, try the First Person Shooter Creator from The Game Creators. They also have other tools if you'd like to do a little more programming on your own.

Good luck!

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Yes, you can import other models into Unity.

I agree with Roswell too. There's a lot of tools out there to help you achieve what you want to do, I just speak about the ones I specifically know of.

Sorry (Sodabread) if forgot to ask; in what format does it (UNITY) produce the end product, .exe, .flv...???

It can be saved as an exe, and there's also a web player build format, but I'm not too familiar with what that actually is.

THanks EveRy bOdy,I think i'll try both...

Rowell, I've installed FPS and it wouldnt run: it is asking for latest version of directx when i already have directx11 on my windows7. Can you help me solve the problem please...

Solved, the version i downloaded works with directx9c, Thank you all.

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