As you probably notice, i'm new to the forum. This is not the right place to tell this, but i had to do that. . This forum is just amazing. . The design is so awesome and there are millions of functions in there to discover. And the best of all, eveything it's free! :O. Congratulations!
Hum. . I'm an ordinary 16 years old boy who found his passion(programming) in an annoying day. I took a book and start to read it, since this day C++(only) has been my passion. Everyday i fell that i know less and less, but after all that's nice, it means that i'm been learning more and more. Evryday i try to read a little a book, unfortunately i can't. I'm a student and my course isn't dealing with computers. So i need to learn eveything by myself, what is not bad at all. I can sound convinced, but my only goal for my future is dominate C++. This is challenging me all the time, but is this that makes C++ awesome in my opinion. It's pure hardcore. . C++!
Apart of that i also play piano and love to ride a bike! And for my part that's all :)

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Erm, it's exactly the right place to say you are new here and tell us about yourself!

Welcome to DaniWeb, and I hope your bike is better than your piano :)


Welcome to DaniWeb. Being that you're 16 I can't imagine you've been riding for long. take it easy and don't show off. There's plenty of time for you to enjoy your bike. Just be careful.

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