Hi to all at daniweb.

Im new to comunity forums as well as a beginer to coding.
I did an intro to VB a long time ago (1997) and a little while ago me bro inlaw sugested i use c# so im tinkering about with that, learning as I go.

Thankyou Happygeek for the welcome.

No doubt I will be posting some right newbee questions about the bits of code im strugling with or even bits im trying to learn.
I will try to find answers b4 I post but like the thred I already posted, Id been trying to make it work for the last week :) searching for answers everywhere posted on here and then it came to me and I sorted it.
Anyway peeps. I look forward to speaking to you all and ill try not to post too dumb a questions and wast your time.

see you all soon


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yep C#. untill i master the arts thats where ill be. for a long time i expect seeing as im learning the hard way :D trial and error all the way, with a little bit of research. me bro asked me to help him with his visual programing ide. i think he was taking the pee. i can just about make a button pop up a msgbox :)
neway. thankyou for all the help i know you guys will be giving me in the future.
caio for now

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