I just copy pasted the skeleton and filled in from another Thread... :)

Name: Joshua
Nickname: Larry, Sokanas
Hair: Red / Copper
Eyes: Blue - Green
Location: TAS
Age: Almost 19
Hobbies: Anime, Computers, Reading

Relationship Status: Single

Fav Music: Wacko Jacko before he liked boys, JPOP, KPOP, Gee, Nordic Melodic Metal etc

Education: College Computer Science (Basic stuff, more a primer than anything), Computer Studies (Year 9 - 10 - 11 - 12), Computer Graphics (3DS Max), English Writing (Creative Writing)

Work: IT Trainee at a High school
Favorite Food: ---- Chocolate??? 70% Cocoa!

Favorite Movies: Kiki's Flying Delivery Service (english dubbed), Princess Monoko, Downfall, Schindlers List, Animal Farm

Favorite TV Shows: Fraser, Evangelion, BSG (old and new), Hogans Heros, etc

Favorite Video Games: GoW Series, Halo series, Fable to an degree, Minecraft is pretty fun also

Stuff you Dislike: Jerks, Fags (not Homosexuals... but people that are faggy fags), over emotional and over sensitive wrecks, smokers, smoking, alocholism, alcohol, pushy religious nuts, over zealous religious nuts

I've only been tinkering with computers as a hobby for roughly 2 years, and only starting to get serious about programming and such within the last few months. I have taken a liking to the C++ language, and look for to its successor when it arrives. Java got me hooked and the feeling of power and control when using C or C++ just makes life worth living everyday.

I am a bit iffy about machine code, as the horrid TOY crap from school Computer Science really put me off. They should really teach proper Assembler instead of a halfarsed fart of one.

I am a quite person, that enjoys helping other people with their problems if I can manage helping, and if I have the knowledge of how to do it. Apart from that I seem to have hit a noturnal spell leading up to work starting (4am - 3pm sleep, awake the rest of the time)... so... thats ME!,

p.s. I have visted before, just never bothered joining before :')

Hi Joshua,

Welcome to the Dani Web Forum.
Enojy you stay.


Nice to meet you Joshua! :)