This isn't a personal advertisement, for I have no connections. I just found this guy's advertising idea to be very unique and interesting. After (very little) research I found out the same guy who did this is the same guy who made 40+k by selling his forehead as advertising space on Ebay.

I just found he had an interesting concept, he's already made over $200 by selling ads and uses it to support other sites he hosts. It's only been up for a week. The way it works is every time an ad is purchased, that person becomes the "king". Each purchase is a dollar, but it ads to the price of the ad every time. You can't buy two in a row, but you can buy one after another person buys one over you. It's a seriously well-thought out concept. I found it when I was looking to advertise my own site.

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Yes the same thing going on almost everyplace they do make there $ by this method and it is convenient too. But the link purchase or exchange could be only with relevant site become beneficial for the site otherwise not.


it seems I smell the similarity of this ads and neobux ?if not,could you tell me the ROI rate of this advertising idea

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