This isn't a personal advertisement, for I have no connections. I just found this guy's advertising idea to be very unique and interesting. After (very little) research I found out the same guy who did this is the same guy who made 40+k by selling his forehead as advertising space on Ebay.

I just found he had an interesting concept, he's already made over $200 by selling ads and uses it to support other sites he hosts. It's only been up for a week. The way it works is every time an ad is purchased, that person becomes the "king". Each purchase is a dollar, but it ads to the price of the ad every time. You can't buy two in a row, but you can buy one after another person buys one over you. It's a seriously well-thought out concept. I found it when I was looking to advertise my own site.

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Yes the same thing going on almost everyplace they do make there $ by this method and it is convenient too. But the link purchase or exchange could be only with relevant site become beneficial for the site otherwise not.

This only good for you if the site get's massive amount of visitors.

it seems I smell the similarity of this ads and neobux ?if not,could you tell me the ROI rate of this advertising idea

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