Last night some random guy on my list got my IP address and he's claimed to have opened my ports and now he's going to upload files onto my computer. I just want to know if this is possible. I'm currently using my firewall to block all activity for now until I get a response from you guys :P, thanks, Brad.

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Technically, the answer is yes, it is possible. That said, if he is bragging about it, he's not likely to be a serious threat. (The guys that tend to cause serious trouble will do so silently and, if possible, without your knowledge.)

There are some steps you can take to ensure your computer is secure. Things like;

- having a strong password - and change it immediately if you believe your computer has been compromised (accessed by someone without permission).

- Make sure your router / firewall is blocking incoming connections, unless absolutely necessary.

- keep your antivirus / anti-malware / etc software up to date - this will help identify if anyone is putting bad files or programs on your computer.

If you are still concerned about him accessing your computer without your knowledge, there are a number of programs available for free download that can monitor network traffic and detect potential threats on your network or PC.


I believe he is actually doing something because I'm seeing unknown ports like 1900, 62795 and so forth trying to gain access by trying to get by my firewall. I also have a strong password and I am not using the computer at this moment until I know how to fix this. I also don't have the money or the programs for anti virus (except I'm using MalwareBytes and AntiVir,) and he keeps trying to connect through 192.168.4,, etc, even He has also been bragging to be from 'Hackforums' and his name might be Krumpz.


I'd say as long as you can see that your firewall is blocking his attempts to connect, you're not going to have a problem. Just because he is a member of a hacking forum, doesn't necessarily mean he knows what he's doing. A lot of software can be downloaded from places like that to automate basic things like port scanning.

A lot of the free anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall software are just as good as the commercial ones. Check the reviews on download sites and you should be fine. This is one area where price does not necessarily equate to quality.

If you can, change your IP address. You should be able to move your internal LAN to a new address range in your router configuration.

You could also contact your ISP and make them aware of the situation. They may be able to move your connection to a different subnet, and possibly perform some monitoring / filtering of their connection.

If you believe you have sufficient evidence that he is trying to access your system illegally you could report it to the police, but you would probably need back logs that identify his IP address as the source, and I don't know how far you would really get.


If I tried, I could grab his IP, I'm just not like that though. I also have a screenshot of him on Skype threatening me with my IP and such. Also not to mention, I'm on a wireless connection. As for contacting my ISP, I currently owe them a bit over $200 so I'm sure that I won't be able to get anything resolved through them.

I have also blocked ALL network activity, so I'm currently not able to use that computer. It's because he's using multiple ports and remote address' and so forth.

I appreciate your help by the way :).


If you shut down your modem and restart it, you should get a fresh IP address. Not may people have a fixed IP.


My modem as in the one I got from my internet company or my router?


Hi, figx. If you power off your router/modem for a few seconds your ISP will likely assign to you a new IP, as Crunchie said. Most customers have dynamic addresses, from your standpoint I would assume that you are one such. You can check that by using an IP lookup such as www.whatismyip.org - visit that site before and after power is cycled.
If your IP changes, he's lying. If you have a good firewall like Comodo, then he can query your IP [if he has it] over ports all day, even ports your system has opened and he will not get through.
Comodo is free, it is the best, it is an unmitigated pest. Why? Because it informs you/asks your indulgence about every little thing. Programs don't get installed, actions with security implications don't happen, unknown executables don't run, connections are not made without your permission. You have to appreciate what it does for you to get the most from it.
A good free AV is Avast. Might be the best free AV.
Even if he has already placed software on your sys, Comodo will warn when it wishes to connect.

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