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Congratulations England on the 6N championship (can't see Wales clawing back those points high 20 points from the Italy game).

How's this for interesting:

ENGLAND  2549196
FRANCE    313877
IRELAND   153080
ITALY      66176
WALES      50557
SCOTLAND   38500

Ok, I know it's not all about numbers - density, infrastructure, money, support and history have all their part to play.

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What, another post?

My last one on this thread. Rubbish AGAIN. Absolutely. Gatland has got to go. Who the hell gave him a big contract? Wales will not progress beyond the pool stage of the World Cup if they play like this. Absolute disgrace. A betrayal of all the fans that made the trip to Paris.

Wales should do better, i now have to listen to a welsh woman ranting and raving for probably the next couple of days (hopefully only that long).:yawn:

I maybe watching for the first time. As i don't usually watch sports. Tell me more about it as i am only an amatuer

I think the overall result for the 6n was about right, in terms of England on top ahead of France. Ireland and Wales could have switched places, as could Scotland and Italy in the end.

England - typical loss of focus half way through a tournament
France - great start, great finish, loss of focus in the middle
Ireland - great finish, crap the rest of the tournament
Wales - never got out of first gear
Scotland - brief flickers of promise but nothing more
Italy - great performance against France but little else

All in all, not the most memorable of 6N tournaments for me...

England lost to ireland. Anyone with me, supporting ireland

Being English myself, erm nope - despite my Irish Romany heritage!

I must say, I have really enjoyed the weekend games. Ireland played so well, albeit a little late...

I support ireland

Hehe, prepare for disappointment come the World cup then - based upon the overall Irish performance in the 6N. Sad to say, for much of the time, the Irish looked like a team past the sell by date.

Nah, when the world cup arrives, there will only be ONE team for me, S.A. I am sure we have the players with plenty of very good backup reserves.;)

Time may tell. Do you agreed, sometimes even the best can fail. I will just sit on the fence