Hey, thought I would introduce myself. I am trying to understand VB Net the best that I can, it really has sparked my interest here at work. We have a program designed with it, and I thought to myself, this could really be a great opportunity to learn a programming language that could build upon others like Java and JavaScript, although some would content that there is a vast difference between the two languages. But, on the flip side, yes I do acknowledge that there is some coding difference, but the feature I like about VB Net is that the programming aspect seems to be more in line with a structured learning of putting together a program, whereas with a Java type language programming, even though you may approach the language the same way with strucuture, you really can't test the amount of coding you have done to know if there is an error like in VB Net. This is the probably the single greatest point I like because it gives me a sense of accomplishment over trying to wonder if I have done the same when coding Java. I don't code Java a whole lot here at work, mostly when there is a team problem with a setup of two we have of it, but its not really my cup of tea.
Any ways, I have been in the tech field for the last 9 to 10 years. I have experience both in hardware and software support on desktops, laptops and servers. I currently maintain 125 users for a Metro Government department. Family man, so I don't get to really dive into VB Net like I wish I could, but that's ok. Other than that, I am interested in this site, it really gives you a place to start and try new ideas or approaches on how to accomplish VB Net issues.

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