Ok. So, you want to buy something. What is the first thing you do ? You type your sought-after product's keyword on a searchengine and check the links that are listed under that keyword.
But wait, there's usually 10 pages full of links coming-up after a keyword search. And, each page usually lists 10 links. That's 100 links under your keyword. Now, how on earth are you going to find the patience and the energy aswell as the time to check all these 100 links out ?
Ok, so you check only the first page out, meaning the first 10 links only.
But, are you not after bargains ? If not, then the majority of internet users, maybe, are. So, for that sake, let's assume that, you too are a bargain hunter.
Now, can you guarantee that the first 10 links you visit are offering the best bargains over the other 90 links you did not visit ?
Nope !
Or, atleast can you guarantee that, these 10 links you visited have what you are searching for ?
Nope !
That means, you'd have to also check-out some of the other 90 links out too. Doesn't it ?
Which means more time, patience and energy wasted.
Is there a better way to search or shop ?
Howabout ebay ?
Yep, ebay lists bargains but how-about "product searchengines" like froogle and "product comparison searchengines" like pricerunner.com and "reverse auctions", "wanted websites" and finally "forums" like this one where on the latter 3 you can place your ads searching for a product and sellers will reply to your "wanted ads" ?
Froogle is no good because it doesn't allow you to compare prices. All it does is list hundreds or thousands of products along with their descriptions and images that relate to your keyword and you'd have to check each link out manually to spot bargains.
Ebay and Pricerunner on the other hand allow you to have products ranked according to their prices on your keyword's search result pages and also allow you to compare prices. A reverse auction allows you to place an ad where sellers try to outbid each other offering you lower prices.
But, which one do you most use out of all these ?
An online auction like ebay or a comparison searchengine like pricerunner and it's competitions or a reverse auction or a forum ?
Why do you use one over the others ?

I usually check out ebay but there are a lot of frauds advertising there. Ebay, nowadays is like a prowling place and a safe haven for frauds. That's my reason for now looking elsewhere. Call it an excuse if you like. I am now trying out the "comparison searchengines". I don't post wanted ads on forums anymore because I think professional businesses don't have time to read and post on forums. In my opinion, it's usually, those responding to your wanted ads, those who are doing business from their bedrooms who can afford to have the time to advertise their businesses on the forums, to those who ask anything about a product/service, that relates to their line of work.
What's your reasons and excuses to use one over the other ?
You've heard mine.

Avoid eBay like the plague. Most of what you find there is crap, overpriced, or scams.

Most times I find a site I trust and will use whom they recommend.
Never shop at sites that don't list a physical address and contact information that can be tracked down if you get suspicious about something.
Never shop at sites that only accept Paypal or money orders/checks.
Never shop at sites that don't use SSL for their payment processing.

And me being me I usually compare dozens of options before deciding on one, usually taking weeks to decide on a purchase (especially a first purchase from a retailer).
Make that first purchase a small one. If something goes wrong not a lot will be lost.

(UK) I go places I have heard of. Mostly Amazon, or Play.com, or if i really need something online, a chain retailers online store. Even though I check my account lots to see what goes out.

Also, if you do shop online, check in the bottom right that you have a small picture of a padlock, that would say the encryption strength when you hang the cursor over it, and always log off services, rather than just close the page down.

If you want to compare prices, with a site you like, look on kelkoo.com, but the cheapest product, IMO isn't enough of a saving to tempt you away from a usual site.

I don't do a great deal of shopping online, but I do like Amazon. My online shopping experience with them has been great, and I would not hesitate to shop from Amazon again. :)

I buy from Amazon a lot. It's just the easiest.

Curious since I'm an affiliate management consultant - does anyone buy when they land on an affiliate link? Do any of you buy from your own affiliate links?


Amazon and dabs are great. But I think if you search on www.kelkoo.com for something you normally get good results.

I only shopped once...and that is from fabmart

I never shop on-line.