I want to develop a online multiplayer game like Poker where anyone from anyone can login and play the game. Its like server client interactive game. I am confused on the software requirements. I mean what should I use and what not? Can anyone suggest what to use? Any suggestions on the development are also welcome.


Seeing as its not going to be something where speed is hugely important (e.g a 3D shooting game) you have a lot greater choice (you could use java, .net, whatever) whereas if speed was important you would be limited to something like C++.

I made a blackjack game once that could be played across a network. It was written in VB.NET (.NET is quite good for networking)

Java might be quite a good idea. I dont know how good its networking is but java is croos-platform so it can be run on OSX, Linux etc... too


You said u have written a blackjack game code using dot net. Is there any way I can see it? Can you send me the code or place it here..

I based it on a winsock tutorial i found

I think you should contact some sites like pokerplaying online.com so that you can get idea how to make such kinda sites ....