This could be the wrong section for this, i have a feeling it will turn out to be more of a discussion.

after a couple issues with exchange and outbound email, the presidents of my company want to switch to google apps...

i know nothing about google apps, and im pretty familiar with exchange

they want to know the benefits of going to google apps vs the down side of leaving exchange

can anyone help me in explaining this, or know of a website where i can read about google apps (non google site, companies often boast services more than necessary)


Looking for information about Apps vs Exchange not hosted vs internal


company info:

around 100 mailboxes
very active directory dependent
a lot of security groups and distribution groups (30+)
a lot of inhouse software the utilizes the exchange server

If you have a lot of internal software that utilises Exchange, Google Business Apps may not be what you're looking for. Depending on what this software does it may not work at all with Google Apps or you may need to change the way you work.

I have used Google Apps with the last company I worked at, though, and it is fantastic. You get the benefit of having everything 'looked after' hardware-wise by Google's team, the best webmail client available, POP3/IMAP access if required, excellent calendar, tasks, office apps, contacts directories etc.

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