Hi people, i have a degree in computer science with two years working experience and am interested in Database administration (preferably oracle database), how can i achieve this and become a database administrator? should i take oracle certification or is there any alternative that would make me a pro in database?

please advice me on this.


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You need to practice more than going for a certification. Certification will definitely add weight your profile but for that you good working knowledge also.

The D.B.A. requires coursework and research beyond the masters degree that normally results in a dissertation or journal publication that contributes to business theory or practice.

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You can go for a certification course if you need to upgrade your CV but remember, Great powers, great responsibilities

In simple language DBA(database administrator ) is a person responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and repair of an organization's database.

Go into a company as a 'newbie' ... and work your a** off and work your way up, 3/5 years of successful experience is better than a quick course!

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