I am Zeeshan from Pakistan. now living in KSA. I need help regarding to chose computer programming language to learn online without going to any institute as i do not have any time here to go any where, and also i think that i have to become a comp programmer so i may change my field of earning, get a good job. so kindly can you help me which language i should have to start learning , i am post graduate in Public Administration With MIS as specialization.

Best Regards

Zeeshan Ahmed

As you may or may not know, a lot of programming languages nowadays are similar. You can start off by learning C++, as a lot of jobs use it. Check out C for a little bit to learn the differences in what C++ can/can't do compared to C. Also look at C#. From there, you could go to Java or go more web-based and look at Javascript(along with JQuery) and HTML/XHTML/CSS and PHP. http://cplusplus.com is a good starting point to learning C++. http://w3schools.com/can help you a bit when it comes to websites.
The internet has many other resources besides the two sites I mentioned, including forums that probably have specific questions answered as programmers have run across them. I hope this helps!

Well if you want to start earning quickly , I would suggest you to start with PHP, which PHP you will get many jobs in website building and you can also get many freelancing projects easily on PHP

Thank you very much guys for reply what i get from these replies that i have to start from learning C first and then go to any one, likely PHP or any other language.......... ????

C++ to wrap your head around programming languages, then yeah PHP! However, like he said, you can just jump into PHP if you want.

well well friend, i want to learn programming to change my careerer path and to earn more, is it really good to start PHP directly or C is essential, if not why i may spend my time on C why not start PHP direct.......................??????????? Plz help me to make a decision quickly..........................

i think this is just a terrible question, because everyone is going to suggest what they like the best.. very wide question. it is like asking the question what is better, c# or vb.net? the vb.net guys are going to say vb.net, the c# guys are going to say c#.

why dont you look at a few different languages, maybe browse through some books online etc. see what seems more appealing to you - decide if you are more web based, desktop based.

what language do you show the most passion for in the beginning is going to decide what you want to do. anyone can pick up a book and learn the basics, but if you don't have a passion, you arn't going to truly be a code monkey :)

@jlego: I really wasn't suggesting C++ because I like it the best. Its just that what seems like a lot of companies are using.
Jlego is right though. If you don't have a passion for a language, then you really should move on to another. There will be some, or hopefully at least one, that calls out to you. It will seem like things just.. work for you in that language!
First thing is to get your mindset right. A lot of colleges start off programming majors in C++ to help build that mindset. Then they move you on to other languages.

sorry - i didnt mean any disrespect. your right about c++, most places start you out there and then move you to others. I have read/heard that once you know C++, everything is just that much easier. for example, if you started with vb.net and wanted to go to c# or php, you might understand the logic, but the syntax may confuse you until you get used to it.

Well, in all discussion by you two guys Steven_B & jlego, brothers i understand one thing that you and others are agreed that to start programming one should have to start with C, as it is the base, ( i hope i correctly understand C as base for Programmers).
So guys i am starting it with C

Now i need to know about the books i should consult and sites i should visit,

i hope you guys also help me in this regard

Best wishes

A lot of people also start with Java as well.

Ezzaral dear, what you say the decision i have made is not right or not too good............. ?


books, i always liked the SAMS teach yourself in 24 hours books. the orielly books are good.. it is hard to say, because everyone has different learning methods.

one of the best ways i learn is hands on. i'll read something, go to a place like pscode.com, download the source to something similar and redo or mutate or whatever i want with it until i think i have figured out what i wanted to..

i always like the guys at learnitfirst.com
they only have c# training though http://www.learnitfirst.com/Course/189/C-Sharp-2005.aspx

Ezzaral dear, what you say the decision i have made is not right or not too good............. ?

I'm saying neither of those. I'm just mentioning another option. Many start with Java. It is also a good general purpose language that is widely in use.

The problem with starting off in Java is having to already wrap your head around everything basically being an object. I remember when I first learned about Object Oriented Programming.. whether if it was the teacher or what, I don't know, but it was a bit confusing. However, starting off in Java wouldn't be TOO bad. It'd be like learning how to run before you learned how to walk haha!

@jlego: Ha yeah I knew you didn't mean any disrespect. It really was a broad question. It also seems like some schools are starting to start people off in python. Since I didn't start in python, nor can I really remember how easy/hard it is, I can't currently see the benefit of starting students off in it versus C++.

@zeeshanvirgo: C++, not C. While at first glance at C and C++ code, there may not be much of a difference, the languages have many differences, including when they are generally used. So if you choose to start off in a C-esque language(C,C++,C#), make sure you are starting off in C++.

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