I made this account a few months ago, but I haven't been on it because of school and all that fun stuff.

My name is Joe Paulsen, I am 16, and a [future] programmer. I have always been fascinated with computers and decided I wanted to learn about programming. Python is the language that I have started out with, but I am dabbling in HTML and goofing around with Linux. Basically trying to learn as much as I can.

I'll probably be hovering around the Development boards, among others, trying to learn. Helping too, if I develop enough knowledge to contribute.

Anyways, hello!

welcome aboard on the daniweb crew. We are just in time to sail. LOL

You can try out the programming forums for a start or the linux if you are more experience in it. Hope you enjoy your stay, any queries just post

Hi, Joe.

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. Glad you joined us.
There is a lot of good information and many knowledgeable members here; I am sure any questions you have will be answered quickly.

All the best to you in your programming endeavors.

See you around the forums.

Welcome to the daniweb community.