Hi All,

Please find the following requirement and let me know the possibilities if any.

We have some daily,weekly and monthly jobs which will run parallelly.we need to monitor the
jobs.there we have start time ,we need to find out the end time and need to paste it in excel sheet like

Time Job_name Start_Time End_Time Priority_of_the_job

in the above list we have everything in Excel sheet except End time.IS it posssible to write any script if the given job is completed it should copy the end_time directly into the excel sheet without manual work.

because rite now we are monitoring manually and we have to wait for the end time of the job if it is completed we need to copy the end_time and pasting it in excel sheet.

Please let me know if it is possible to do automaticcaly by the system.

Thanks in dvance.

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If you are running this locally on a Windows system, then there are probably many ways to do this. I use a Basic-like scripting language called Autoit for this type of work. It has good functions for reading and writing to Excel.


Please let me kmow regarding Autoit scripting .


Let you know what regarding Autoit scripting? He linked to it.

Did you expect him to write the script for you also?

why yes, yes he did.

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