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I am looking for a burner program that will do a bit to bit copy of my CD-ROM. One guy sent me a great step by step on how to run Nero to do this. The only Nero I have is ver.7 and it's newer than this step by step was derived for. It wouldn't work.

I bought a program that requires having the original CD in the drive everytime I run the program. I want to be able to run this program by clicking on an icon without constantly digging out my CD and putting it in before I can run. If my original disk ever gets scratched, I would be out all the bucks I paid for this thing, unless the company would send me a new disk to replace the old. Over time that gets less and less probable.

Even XP gives me a chance to make one copy for back up. These turkeys that put this out didn't even do that.

I had an old Makisoft source code that was supposed to read each bit and place it in memory but I've long since lost that code. For anyone interested in helping, I'm running XP 32 bit, I have the Borland C++ compiler, and I can partition my HD with enough room to run a DOS CD-ROM reader and unload the disk in DOS temporarily if needed. I've got lots of HD.

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These aren't free - but they have trial versions so you can see if you like it.

Hope this helps

You may also like to have a look at alcohol 120%. You can select clone cd in there.

Thanks. I'll try a couple of these and see what happens.


Alcohol helped some. It gave me the type of protection my disk has. It is Securom. I made a disk that will boot up in place of my original which is a partial help. I have to keep Alcohol active on my HD to use it's emulator in order for my new disk to boot. I really wanted to find out what key the program used so I could set up a way to run the program from an icon on my screen. As it stands now, the program is loaded and has an icon, but needs the original disk in to run the "Autorun" and load the key.

TBH I wouldn't touch realplayer it always seems a bit buggy to me. And I don't think it has any cloning software in it.

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