What IT security risks should we look out for as IT managers in our organisations
Then how do we mitigate the risks

Any books journals,periodicals,real life experiences and articles from press...on the same .

But generaly what are the risks and how would you mitigate them as a good Manager


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check google my friend.

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the biggest IT risks in my experience ARE the managers.
They impose impossible deadlines, so corners get cut.
They demand things that can't be done without compromising security, then demand it gets done anyway when that's pointed out to them (then blame the person implementing it for the inevitable problems).

Security is the biggest thing in IT news right now, everywhere you look. One of the dangerous aspects about it is, you can't ever be sure when/where/how it will rear up!

there are lots of things to look at. viruses, network security, system healths, updates etc...

one of the biggest security risks you are going to run into is USERS.
users don't care about the impact of what they do. they will download a bruce willis screen saver that has trojans and then try to hide it (personal experience)..

things to look into:

WSUS to control all windows updates (if windows network) centrally from server

Virus Enterprise solutions (to control all anti-virus operations centrally)

Strong firewall solutions (recommend cisco firewalls, ASA 5500 series are nice but pricey)

Group Policies to control settings and prevent users from accessing things you dont want them to

Strong password policies to prevent cracking

and so on, it goes on for days

check into the hacking exposed books maybe?

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