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I need your help or advise, I'm amidst the Planning and Requirement Analysis of my thesis in Software Engineering. I was so confused on what particular programming language should I study and used in my system. The system is an online website that consist of database for their online reservation of baptismal, mass offering etc. By the way the system that i was developing is for the community church namely "Sta. Clara De Montefalco" located at Pasay, Phillipines. Will you please suggest programming languages that will be adequate to my system.Thank You.

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php for back end
mysql DB
possibly javascript if you need some whizzbangs

Alternatively, you could use langauges with SQL Server DB, or Java with MySQL or other DBs.

php is free, MySQL is free to use. I'd say php is probably easier as you can learn the procedural code quickly.

It's impossible to say what you "should" use.
It all depends on the available knowledge, means (financial and otherwise), and exact requirements of the customer (and the development team being created).

I've created and maintained real reservation (and other online ordering) systems that were big enough to require the use of massive Oracle databases, distributed Java application servers, multiple redundant data centers to host it all.
But I seriously doubt something for a local church would have to be that big :)

php or Ruby on Rails would probably be quite sufficient, though given the no doubt inferior technical expertise of the customer's IT department to that of a major international company's you're going to have to do a lot more to provide in-application security than I did, and php and Ruby on Rails are known for their miriad security holes (Java is out of the box much more secure).

For a database, mySQL or PostgrSQL should suffice for the same reasons.

Best to do is determine what environments are supported by your chosen hosting provider and do a thorough study into the merits (cost, capabilities, security, etc.) of all of the possible combinations before deciding what to use.

If you are at the stage of planning your thesis, haven't you already done some sort of web-based development? How can you get through a Software Engineering course without having done this? I say this because your first choice for developing a web-based solution should be whatever web development language you already know. If you really haven't done this before, then PHP with a MySQL database is a good choice because it's free, not too difficult to learn, there are lots of examples available and lots of help forums if you run into questions or problems.

combine html, javascript and jsp & myQl db

simple, three tier, from the theories that I have learned from sem 2 in my BIT ,

1. Presentation layer - XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax/XML/XSLT/FLASH.. etc
2. Application layer - PHP/Java(Jboss or tomcat)/or any other application server.
3. Database layer - SQL (concrete: MySQL is easy to use with PHP).

Just do a little research about 3 tire architecture in google and start
breaking your project into the layers. And design them and start coding.

Apache Server + PHP + MySQL database. Perfect combination!

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