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Hi there! I am Anne Patrick. I enjoy being an Internet Marketer and I am eager to know more about social media and the marketing benefits behind it. This community will surely help me a lot in my queries as well as to increase my socialization skills. Thanks.


Hi netvani, welcome to daniweb. Read the forum rules first. You are not suppose to post your own website link in your signature.

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Jingda, you must read the rules yourself first and then advice to others
please do not try and take on the role of a mod when you are not one

Ignore jingda. you are most welcome to post your own web links in your signature - that's what it is for.

Jingda, perhaps you should read the rules yourself first before giving people advice about them?


Sorry NetVani my mistake. i mistook it for a spam link and also dumbfounded why you posted the same link in your signature when you have already one at your profile. under Send you a PM. Sorry about that.


Sigh. Because signature links are used for that very purpose, among other things, and members are quite at liberty to put their links in them as well as in their profiles...


Jingda, do not worry about that. It is important that beginners should read the forum rules. And I am quite curious about the signature policy as well. And for the link to my website using my profile, I am still wondering how I attached that. Since I am only a beginner here, I am quite confused with the other features of this site. I need to learn more about it.

Happy geek, thank you so much for the warm welcome here. I feel great that I finally decided to join in a forum site especially this daniweb site. Thanks.


If you have any questions you can go to the daniweb community feedback located under the community center and post questions you don't understand. Seems like i have a lot to learn too.:)

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