We are a small organization. We have installed local area network at our office. Email is our main communication tool. We have a following query:
1. Can Emails be delivered on the desk of the user without internet?
2. Which product is the cheaper and yet efficient?

If you mean, can internet access be limited to the server and not be available to the local PCs the answer is probably yes. I'll leave it to others who have more hands-on experience to confirm that and provide any pertinent details.

For the second question, I presume that you are referring to mail server software. Maybe someone will have a specific recommendation. Here is a comparison of mail server packages that are available. What you choose depends partly on what you are running under (Linux vs Windows) and what features are important to you.

You can run a mail server on a LAN, yes. Exchange is probably overkill, if its Linux, there are loads of options...

ok thanks chrishea, jbennet and V S. I will surely do this and apply in my office. I want another question answer guys can you solve me out.

Our organization is a medium size organization with 40 employees. We have created LAN with 25 nodes. We use email as our formal communication tool. The users use Outllook as a mail client and store the sent/received emails on individual basis on their nodes. Our Company wants centralized storage and retrieval of all sent and received emails. Can you suggest a mail server which provides this facility?

Please guys solve this question also

Use an IMAP server

Email server is a type of electronic postmaster service which enhance the email service.It mainly sent and receive emails from a particular LAN and it mainly supports the SMTP and POP3 protocols.