i am a junior at DeVry university and a junior at Ohio University in Computer Science. But I feel like I dont know anything about my field... Would I be better off to change majors? I really love computers and especially computer programming, but I just dont feel like i get it, or like i am even near the knowledge levels of my peers. anyone have some good advice? i really want to learn more, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts i dont know where to begin... help? please?

Junior year is a little late, IMHO, to consider changing majors. Not that you shouldn't, but I think you're going to have to do some hard decision making-- maybe CS isn't for you; Is there a computer topic that does interest you?

If you can salvage anything from your previous education, do so. Make it apply to your new career, whatever you decide to do.

thanks... maybe video games???

Well, the point of college used to be in large part to get a general education, not ot use it as a trade school.

The question is what else would interst you? Better now than later, salving or not.

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