hello all,
fairly simple request, i need the rpm's (components, add ons, w/e) for a dhcp server, a tftp server, and something called syslinux. obviously for use with ubuntu 7.10

past that i should be ok, or if not ill be sure to come back. but as it stands every time ive tried to install a package supposedly for ubuntu it doesnt work with my paticular distro. oh its the desktop edition incase that makes any diffrence.

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that would void the goal of the excercise. i want a diskless install... and as each machine goes through 3 low level data wipes before its imaged to ensure any data is gone to then go back and install a mini os to have to delete it again doesnt make alot of sense, especially when its on the scale im trying to do it on. thats why i went for this option as opposed to the LTSP route.

all i need, is the tftpd and syslinux rpms for ubuntu 7.10 ..... internet update is not possible due to network restrictions, so i have to download them myself and transfer them via a flashdrive..

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