I'm looking at learning Ruby (including Ruby On Rails) or Python (Including any of its frameworks - though which is better?). What are the pros/cons of each? Thanks in advance.

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Both Ruby and python are the simple dynamic programming languages,but in simple words the difference between them is Python has been designed to emphasize programmer productivity where as ruby make programming fun for its creator.

So are you saying that it comes to a personal preference: whether you prefer fun or productivity? ... But not both?

I can handle detail, please tell me.

Ruby is my opinion....

I also prefer Ruby. It is fun!

knowing more Ruby than Python, it'd be my initial choice. But I'd use Python if I knew it to be more appropriate for the job at hand.

Ruby is more used language than Python.

Are there any showcases for both of them and/or can you link me to some sites that use them. Yet why are they your favourite and what are their most appropriate uses?

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