Hey all,

thanks for reading my post. I am a graduate student currently attending a little known public university. I was wondering if I could have some input as to a question that's literally tearing me up inside:

Do you think the it's worth it to go to a private graduate program in computer science that's highly ranked rather than a public, lower ranked program?

Some more info to help you answer: Everything will be taken out with loans... so we are looking at roughly $80,000 for the public school and $130000 for the private school as a worse case scenario (i.e. paying for living expanses with the loan). I want to look at worse case numbers because I always like to expect the worse, this way I am never disappointed :)

So let me know what you think guys? I know it's more about research than prestige BUT I understand a private school will usually have more research funding...

Do you think the extra money taken out is worth it? Do you think I should just maximize my education at the current school?

To get even more specific: I am currently in CUNY Brooklyn College but my grades and GRE scores will allow me to get into NYU oh and also I live with my girlfriend who doesn't want to move out of new york.

THanks alot all!!! I could really use your opinions...

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As an educator in California I would tell you that going to a private school has no real benefit over a public school. Especially one like NYU. You will most likely learn the same things at both schools, and when you graduate and look for a job in all reality you are the only one who cares where you graduated from. Employeers only care that you did graduate.

Going to a public school does not totally diminish the credibility of your academics. Compare the two programs and see how they look compared to one another. If they seem like they are tied in the education then it won't make much of a difference whether it is public or private as long as the program is good.

Vivek Kundra, the nation's CIO, went to University of Maryland, University College. It's not on the adminstration website but it's all over the net that he a graduate.

Work towards being a good student and then being a good smoozer. Decide on what you want to do rather than where you go for college. Become the best IT with the tools you have right now.

CPlusPunk is right the public schools usually hijack the books and curriculum from the private colleges anyway. Notability doesn't always get you ahead. Your work still has to stand up to the test of time.

Depends on how deep your pockets are . IMO the quality of education varies only just a bit while the money varies too much
I would go for a public school

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