My wife is constantly informing me that the company I work for should pay me way more than they are now.

I'm an IT administrator for an office of 47. I also oversee two branch offices, both with 3 people, both about an hour away.

I am the only IT staff for the three offices.

I manage everything: Active Directory, Oracle, Exchange, our VoIP phone system, Daily Backup Tapes, Printers, Fax machines, Typewriters (yes), Blackberries, Security system, and almost anything electrical.

I also prepare excel reports for certain meetings, set up multimedia for said meetings, and schedule these meetings.

I work 40 hours a week, with 2-3 hours of overtime once or twice a month.

I am on call pretty much 24/7 for the more important users and I have been called on a weekend before.

I get paid $37,440 a year. I checked salary.com and that's WAY below the regional median. I'm in southern California.

Do you think that I'm being underpaid?

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Can't tell without listing your experience? If you feel you are worth more, ask for more.

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