New here, came across this board through google.

A short introduction of who I am.

I've spent years looking at it and now I'm towards the end of my college run taking some programing classes before I graduate. I'm an applied mathematics major, and programing has been an interest but hasn't been my top priority until recently. I've used java through coding scripts for my trading platform, but still a complete noob at it.
As mention I'm above I'm a trader, or an "independent investor". I've spent years studying technical analysis, always an interesting topic. Some people put you into categories and criticize and some show very little interest talking to you is probably the best way to put it lol.

Been studying programing for about a month now, hopeful to become fluent to some extent by the time I graduate. Been hoping to look for a career in a high frequency trading firm, but we'll see where my degree leads me. Personally, I've been taking these programing or computer science classes to fulfill prerequisites to a Masters program in CS.