Hi there,

Well, having spent 20 years in the music industry, I have gone back to University studying a degree in Mechatronics Engineering, with a view to programming embedded software.

So C is the language I am focusing on learning (and I am sort of just passed the beginner stage, but not yet at intermediate stage) with a little help from python to relieve the stress of having to learn ladder logic in class (whose idea was graphical programming, I bet he has six fingers and no friends to count on them).

I ride motorbikes, I play guitar and I know too much about birth and conception....from the point of the person being born.....Please don't ask.

I like music all sorts, I like the countryside and boobs.

I hate pedestrians taxi drivers, bus drivers and all those that thinks education is not necessary for the growth of a country.

Pleased to meet you all


Hey Jonny :)

Which University are you studying at?

Hello everybody!
I'm Petyr from Bulgaria :)

Hello , everybody ! I am Christing from China .