I am receiving quotes from various web developers on a web application I want to build. How do I determine how much this application should cost me? An example of the program Im talking about is below:


Any feedback will be GREATLY appreciated.


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Can you give us some more info on what the site will be about. The more work required, the more money to be spend. :)

I think there was a link on the program he wanted us to quote it but got removed so we can't comment more on this.

At least you didn't include a spam link this time...

I wouldn't link it if it wouldn't help.

Its not like Im selling LV bags or Nike shoes.. e.e

But both your links which have been deleted, covering very different subjects, pointed to the same site. I would hazard a guess one which you are involved with. Now that's advertising/self promotion however you want to spin it and as such it is against the rules here.

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