Hi, just wanted to share what I've been doing and ask for some friendly/unfriendly advice :) . Some time ago I've started out with C++, learned the basics and stuff. Then I took up SDL, learned the basics and stuff too, made a few bigger/smaller projects and just recently I've moved to OpenGL and at this point I'm just thinking if its really a way to go. Ofcourse it depends on me, I enjoy making games, but I thought that I wasnt actually going deeper into C++ itself, the basics were enough ( at my level atleast ) and thought that I wasnt learning enough and just wasting time and in addition to that I thought about taking something other then games but it would seem bad to just jump to something else and that i should just stick with games.

Im still in school and maybe im thinking what would be the best path for me to take after graduation at the university, so maybe thats why im so uncertain. The thing is that i like making games and im also interested in something other than that. What i've heard, atleast here, in my country, that in universities some people like to say that "you should not have any illusions about game programming".

And back to the game programming a bit, its going good for me, but theres this and that concepts like good "frame independent movement" or physics that seems not easy to understand and they are essential for game programming. I'm not saying that this should be easy, i know it's hard, it's just that some people make it scary :) .

So anyways, these are my thoughts, sorry for the long post and poor English. To wrap it all up, I would just like to get some oppinions, advice or tips and stuff like that, just want to talk about this, maybe some personal stories like mine :) .

Hi Nuclear, Here are some links that I'm sure you will find usefull.

Happy developing. :)

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