I have no working experience but i do have some knowledge in programming and web development. Note that i cant work at a company or such right now so i think freelancing is the best choise for me. I think it's much better to list what kind of projects and such i've done in the past:

Some games using libs like SDL,
Started out with opengl,
Some simple Win32 API apps like String/Bit/Hex encoder/decoder
Some web development with PHP/HTML/CSS/JQUERY, making a few basic webs for myself and editing templates to make it look how i wanted to.

And of course i'm ready and able to learn and i like to do it mainly while working on projects, so my question is:

Can i start making money, even very little from this? I've looked around some jobs on Freelancer websites but there's a lot of competinion and some projects seem a bit hard.

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Can i start making money, even very little from this?

Unlikely. Freelancers are expected to hit the ground running, and if you lack real world experience it'll be even harder finding a gig than a permanent junior position. Sure, you could bid on sites like rentacoder.com, but I wouldn't expect to make any kind of living off of it given that most people there bid stupidly low as a supplement to their day job.

Nobody wants to pay someone to learn, unless it's for a permanent position (learn for a while and then be a productive employee for several years). Your level of experience, as you described it, is minimal, you still have a long way to go kid.

Your best bet is probably to get involved with some open-source project that you find interesting and / or do a Google Summer of Coding (GSoC) project, or something similar. That will get you on your way to building some credentials that might get you a foot in the door of a company. The credentials you described are basically negligible (they roughly correspond to the credentials I had when I was 14-15, and only several years later did it even cross my mind that I now had enough credentials to be paid for using my skills). Your question kind-of sounds like "hey, I know what a wrench is and I can screw / unscrew bolts, will you pay me to fix your car? I'm a quick learner, you know...". It just doesn't work that way. Even having done a complete course in car mechanics often wouldn't even be enough to convince someone to pay you to fix their car (due to risk, longer time spent, or increased cost due to lack of experience). Programming is very similar to that, it takes credentials for people to trust your skills and pay you for them (credentials may or may not include education (degree), but it certainly requires lots of experience). Be patient, and don't be greedy. Let your passion drive your efforts for now, and money will come in time, good programmers never starve.

I can agree that i have very little knowledge, i understood that when i was writing that list. To think that i thought i had a decent ammount of it but it was just that i never really thought about it. Anyway, thanks for those suggestions about open-source and GSoC, i will certainly take a look.

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