I've got a good movie and i want to chanslate it into my cell phone.

what should i do?

thank you ,guys!

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Look on the Datapilot software site... and if its a nokia .. download nokia suite... try googling also ..ther are some freeware or shareware programs that xlate video into differemt fprmats.


my cell phone is Nokia N91. what software should i download?


I'm taking a guess thats the new phone with bluetooth .. you want to load the newest version of nokia suite for PC to put on the PC its free

they dont have a version for MAC.. If you have a Mac you have to buy Datapoint software

You want to search for a cable also .. the bluetooth works but If want fast data transfers use the cable... check your manual or the nokia site ... my nokia is a 62551 and I use bluetooth and a CA 53 Nolia to USB cable...

Find out if your phone is GSM or CDMA

keep me posted ..


me again .. I made a mistake on your cable...its DKE 2 about 29.00 us

I think they are on version 6.2 or 6.8 by now for the PC...just go to the nokia site.


my friend told me the use the converter software named something just like Xilisoft. i just want to have a try.And thank u a lot,guy.


Yes 3gp is the best option. The file size is very small and the quality is good. Xilisoft can be used to convert avi video to 3gp.

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