Yay! Guests can post now! Super excited for this because it really accounted for a lot of our posts in the old system. Really hoping it will bring our numbers back up to where they used to be.

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I tried to post while logged out, it didn't work (using Chrome if that matters). I never seem to pass the "are you human" questions, which I think is wrong, unless I'm actually a robot.


If I put nothing in the "are you human" boxes, it tells me that the fields are required.

If I put the answers in the boxes, it tell me nothing, doesn't post anything, and the questions change to something else, after which I can repeat indefinitely.

At all times, it tells me that I should fill in the boxes in the "Join Daniweb" section, but that defeats the purpose of posting as a guest, doesn't it?


Hmm ... try clearing your browser cache maybe? I can't reproduct this behavior, but it's making me nervous!

"Guest posting" means that guests can effectively sign-up at the same time as they post without it being a multi-step process ;)


I thought "guest posting" meant posting without signing up.

With our spam issues, Mike?! ;)

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