A possible future add-on if it would add value to this site?

In my case, I follow certain "sub-categories" forums on this site. It think it would be a nice feature to be able click on a "Subscribe" button to view a listing of all of the threads that belong to sub-categories that I have subcribed to. For a member such as myself that really do not start threads, but have more interest in assisting others that have questions on existing threads, having a customized view that shows only those threads that I have interest in would be good. Maybe implemented as a button on the lower purple bar called "Subcribed to", whcih takes me a to page that looks like the main "/" page, but only shows me those threads of interest ordered by latest post.

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You mean like "Recommended" in the bottom purple toolbar? It's automatically customized just for you.

ooops...i guess I havent thoroughly evaluated all areas of the site. Yes, that was the idea. thanks.

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