Greetings all. I am a 38 year student and will be starting my last year of studies at a local university this fall. My field of study is Information Systems and I work as a student for my local utilities as an IS support for the company's Economic Analysis Department. I have worked primarily with VBA over the last two years but we are finally moving in a database direction instead of a mash of Excel workbooks strewn througout a shared drive's directory. Because of this, I get to dabble more into the VB.NET side of things which I have no qualms with. At home I use Visual Studio 2010 Professional and at work I use Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008 (I'm told that they are almost equivalent). I am currently a moderator at an Microsoft Office help formum called The Code Cage and was an active member at Excel Forum. I enjoy helping others as it helps me learn and I hope I can do so here but first I must learn from you gurus out there (you know who you are). Thanks for doing what you do!

Hello and welcome!

Always great to see a new face. Especially one from the IT trenches. Welcome aboard.

Thanks Reverend Jim, I appreciate the welcome.