Greetings all,

I've recently come upon a problem with my 18 month old hp pavilion ze5400 laptop. A few weeks ago, the display would suddenly go very wonky and the entire screen would be flickering green. At first I thought it was linked to Mozilla, as it seemed to only happen when I opened that browser, and rebooting my comp would solve the problem. Now, however, when I boot up, instead of a black screen, it's a bright lime green, and the desktop flickers in green shades. Oddly enough, when I move my pointer to the edge of the screen, the green-ness moves about the green pixels are boogeying about.
I believe my computer is still under warranty, howver a few months ago I moved to the UK, and am nowhere near a Best Buy where I purchased it. I've done a full virus check, a disk check, and am going to try defragging, reformatting, etc etc, anything to fix this problem! I have no trouble at all with the computer, apart from the display issues. Can anyone help me out with some solutions I might try? I've been reading the monitor forums, and I'm wondering if it might be a loss of proper connection via the hinge, but my fiance seems to think it has something to do with the video card. I myself am by no means a computer whiz, and so any help is appreciated...especially ideas couched in newbie-friendly terms!

Thanks much!

Slight update...I left my laptop on for hours and the colour seems to have gone back to normal. I'm still worried, though ecstatic I have use of my own comp again!
Anyone have any ideas on what I should do, or, if this question has been asked already, links to where I should check for information? I did my best to read the forum through thoroughly before asking, and couldn't find anyone with my specific issue.

Thanks again in advance!

(And no, I am NOT refreshing constantly trying to see if anyone has any ideas! :o )

Hi UKHeather,
you need to have the laptop checked out by a qualified technician BEFORE the warranty runs out...
there's a problem with the LCD screen OR motherboard.. OR some other part that's "shorting out" OR failing.
Don't delay & don't let them give you the runaround till the warranty expires.
Hope this helps :D

Hi, my computer does this too. Sometimes if you push it into a certain postion the computer will stop shaking. Also, if you have a free hand, pushing the front cover (not the screen, but behind the screen {no clue what it is called}) will help. If this doesn't help much, take it to the store where you got it and if it is newer then you can exchange it, or like me, you can try and get the cable inside the laptop fixed. I have not taken my computer back to the store yet, but the longer you wait I've seen the worsst it gets. My friend and I got the same computer on the same day and hers was fine, but mine would start to shake after about a month of having it. Soon her started shakinng to. She has gotten a new computer, but I have kept mine. Mine is still bad but managable. If you need more help email me at [snipped]. And please state the question and who you are, why your there and surly I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks :)

My laptop was doing the same thing and I read that if I shuck it a little it would turn black again i did it and it works find.

mine is a laptop and i suffered the same green, pixely problem. i simply put my hands round the back and gently pressed in the back of the screen. problem disappeared instantly!!

One reach around from your mother should clear it up. Hope this helps.

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