I was unable to see where/how to give the solver any kudos. Maybe add the word KUDOS to the Up Arrow; make it Green and the other one Red; make a Blue RIbbon icon; a special KUDOS icon... There are endless choices available. I just never connected up/down arrows to KUDOS.

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There has been quite a few threads about this topic. The system as it is currently designed allows you to vote up or down by just using the arrows. If you hover over an arrow, type in a comment, then click on "Vote & Comment" you give Reputation or "Kudos" to the member.

Got it. It took me awhile. Just sayin'... But, since you said you've had a lot of comments on it, now you have one more! ;-) Thanks.

I understand and agree. I am just another member on this site.

You guys really think it's confusing? :(

Not to beat a dead horse, but it was my first time trying to give a responder the kudos he deserved. I could not figure out how to do it - so I emailed him and asked him. That's all. Just thought it could be a little clearer. I know how to do it now! :-)

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