Hey guys,

I have been tasked with coming up with a list of digital tools that are valuable for technology decision makers. I figured I would crowd source ... ;) Anything you guys can't live without?

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What kind of tools do you mean? compilers, editors, project management, source code archivers

Poweriso, for reading my brought copy's of iso's...

^^^ i agree, what programs you looking for.?

I will just name programs, that are nerdy :)

Spacesniffer - Veiw whats taking up the most space etc.
Passwords - Keep track of your passwords.
Foldersize - Same as Spacesniffer
Dpadder - If your using a PS1 emulator, it sets up a USB PS controller settings easiley
Vdub - Good for cutting movies
all the Adobe - Good for everything

Yea i think you need to go a little more in-depth about what you want to see :) xx

Much love, Chopper

Not sure what range of tools, but some would include:

  • MASM32
  • Cheat Engine
  • Code::Blocks w/ MinGW
  • Visual C++ 2010 Express
  • Open Office
  • GIMP
  • Audacity
  • Blender
  • Run Alyzer

I would die, probably literally, if someone took away my copy of NoteTab Pro (best text editor bar none IMHO) and be quite gravely ill if HyperSnap went as well (screen capture and editing) to be honest.

I could probably survive the loss of any other tool, with the possible exception of the Google Chrome browser client.

Depends upon the industry that those IT decision makers of whom you speak are in though, I guess, as to what are the most valuable IT tools. I imagine that common across most industries would be the usual heavy hitters such as the MS Office Pro suite for example.

commented: Hyper Snap FTW XD +0

The IT Tools ? It means the communications crowd ?

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