Hi all!!
It is my first time in this forum, i found it's interesting and wish i can get help from here.
I am doing my final year project about software for education. i prefer the web-based app coz i quite familiar with php-mysql. this is my 2nd part of the project which i have to develop the real system that can work. i did a draft of the system in the projectI. i chose to do the system like e-learning which consists of user profile, learning material, assignment submission, discussion forum, chat... things like this very simple one. but the problem is that, my supervisor said it's quiet normal(available every where in the market). So now i have a very big headache of the topic of my project. My preference is still keep the old project but try to do sth better or special, i though of giving incentive for the poster who contributes the most in the forum, but the supervisor said it was still normal.
So i wanna ask you guys out there could u give me ideas to improve with this project??

you help is greatly appreciated

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I think its better u kept the one u started first, it might seem normal, but every system has its own advantage.Which programming language are u using?

i am using only PHP because i'm quiet familiar with it. Do you have any idea to make the forum interesting not just post and reply?

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