I was wondering is there any Windows XP 2004 version? if yes then can u plz give me the download link for the trial version of "Windows XP 2004"? I searched for Microsoft.com and google.com both but did not get any results :(

Also, I downloaded the trial version of x64 bit Edition but it says that my processor is not compatable and that the setup cannot continue with the installation. Is windows xp 2004 and x64 bit edition both the same?

Plz guide me


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there are no trial versions of any Windows version.
Nor are there any versions (officially) called "XP 2004". Might be a pirate's name for XP SP2.

There is no Windows XP 2004.

Because of that, we couldn't tell you if a real program is the same as an imaginary one.

You can get trial versions of windows server 2003, and windows xp 64 bit.

However, i believe sometimes windows media center edition is sometimes refered to as windows media center edition 2004, media center edition 2005 etc. Is this what you could be thinking of?

That be cool if beta version of vista was avaliable the same way, instead of just to the MSDN subscribers.

Oh man no it wouldnt. I mean it would be cool for people who know what they are doing like most regular users of this site, but for everyone else i can just hear it now... "My windows vista beta keeps crashing on me. Windows Sucks! Im never buying them again!"

Most average users just hear about vista and if they see it as a download they will get it, not knowing that it is beta, or what beta really means. They will think it is supposed to be fully functioning and all ironed out.

Since i am a member of msdn academic, i can get free windows xp pro, and 64 bit edition and server and tons of other programs as well. I'm just praying that vista pops up on there for free before i graduate. I would be very happy :)

Same here. I have academic alliance MSDN. But I doubt that Vista will be there any time soon. I guess I will have to wait until the real McCoy comes out.

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