Well, I was just feeling a tad depressed at work about my job, and thought, oh well it could be worse.

I started thinking about a job I had assembling shopping trolleys. It wasn't really my fault, I took a temp job, for a four day contract, didn't know what I would end up doing, just turn up, and see how it goes.

After the briefest of briefings, I got left in a warehouse the size of your local supermarket, with a load of shopping trolleys to assemble. It was really hard work, because the drills that are used to put the wheels on, are really labour intensive, but other jobs not so. The warehouse was really cold, so I was putting on and taking off clothing layers faster than a catwalk model.

Suffice to say, a day and a half in, I feigned sickness for the rest of the time, ...well I say feigned, it working there it could have been true. So if you are ever in England, and have problems with an Aldi or Tesco shopping trolley, feel free to put the blame onto me.

What about you guys, what's your worse ever job?

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I worked at a cemetery as a grounds keeper.

8+ hours a day, 6 days a week running a weedeater in 100+ degree weather. Not to mention I sank into a grave a couple of times, and I got sent out to "weed" a garden, and that garden's soil turned out to be composed entirely of cremains (cremated bodies). EEEYUCK! Can you wonder why they didn't tell me why the soil had so much white matter in it until I got done working?

And, crazy as this sounds, somebody actually dropped a dead body off in the back of the cemetery, where no one would find it. We didn't find it until we actually smelled it :o That smell is something that's not too unusual to detect in a cemetery, but then it started to get REALLY bad!


I worked at mcdonalds when i was 16 :o . It did, however, enable me to save up $2500 and buy my first pc :) and ive been hooked on computers since.


Hasn't anyone seen the discovery channel show called "dirty jobs". I think that show has touched on all of the absolute worse jobs in history that real people actually do to make a living. I really like that show :)


I have seen that show. They sure had some dirty ones. "Chicken Sexers" was one of the more memorable ones. They sit all day and squize the poop out of chickens. Judging from where it comes out, they determine the gender of the bird. If thats not dirty, I do not know what is.

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