This is a late greeting from me to this community.

i already posted some things here (i missed right directories, i guess i should buy new glasses). Please don't be mad at me for not introducing myself firstly, i'll try to make myself up right away if U have a time for me.

My name is Ivan. i'm here just stopping by in mission of seeking for partners. i'm sorry i can't stay to hang out a longer time, but i'm into gathering open source crew to save the world.

Seriously, dont laugh, this is really one of tries to make the world a little bit nicer place to live in. This try maybe is not the one that will succeed, but some of any tries of anyone will one day, i'm certain...

If U are interested in what this "try" is about, please take a look at one of posts in "Show Off your Projects" section (sorry about title, i had a ruff time while placing the post in right directory). The post is about a project that would provide online service for organizing new workgroups, manage structure interdepenencies between these and simply maintaining index of these. An attempt is made for providing a little bit more humanly kind of communication in any business production workgroup, inspired by open source movement.

...so, this is DaniWeb again... i'm curious about what is going on here now, i have positive experiences from this people from the past...

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